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 5 Sure-Fire Aviana Quick Tips
For Public Presentations

  1. Start out with a headline.  Example: 

    Hi, my name is Arjuna Costa with Flourish Ventures.  Thanks for being with us today.  And speaking of today did you know that today, Corner Shop owners control the market—not the Big Box stores or online giants?  That’s just one finding of a groundbreaking Flourish Ventures study.   At Flourish, we….(finish paragraph).  We’re happy to be joined today with…”

    That’s a HEADLINE.  It immediately tells the viewer what the topic is and an interesting piece of info to grab their attention.  You can do this EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU START A PRESENTATION.  It will always work.

  2. It’s ok to use your hands!  Let your body move—but do sit up straight.  Look into the camera—NOT THE PEOPLE ON SCREEN—when talking.  BUT—it really is fine to look around as you speak, nod your head, whatever you would do if you were hosting a dinner party and you were talking with 3 or 4 very interesting guests.  We all look away at times, so don’t glue yourself to the camera.  

  3.  Actively listen!  Whether you are moderating or are a guest on a panel, your job doesn’t end when you stop talking.  Listen, nod your head in agreement.  It IS ok to look at the speaker, but do look back into your camera from time-to-time.

  4.  Along with Active Listening, don’t be afraid to start your answer with, “As Lilia mentioned…”  That shows you’re a part of the show and working to make it better.  Remember, it’s just a DINNER PARTY.

  5. As moderator, you are not just a QUESTIONER!  Be a part of the conversation.  Lead it.  Rather than:

    How much of an increase in revenue did the study show for Corner shopkeepers?"
    Let’s face it.  You know the answer.  Guide your guest and show that you know your stuff as well.  

    Javier, it’s amazing that the study showed that even though shopkeepers were initially hesitant to adopt your platform, once they did— they saw a 40% increase in sales across the board.” 

    This allows the guest to see where you are going and follow your lead. 

    ANSWER:  “That is the amazing dichotomy.  They didn’t want to use it but when they did they loved what they found.  And what’s more surprising…” 

    Now you have a conversation!



  1.  LOOK AT #1 ABOVE!  As fast as you can—give a HEADLINE of interest. 

    Hi, I’m Francisco Rodriguez.  It’s great to be here among like minded investors and entrepreneurs.  Today I want to talk about three things:  Success means more than just money.  Studies show that when your people are comfortable and feel safe in the work environment they produce more.  And when they produce more—everyone makes more money! “ 

    You’ve now set up your audience and told them how you are going to keep them interested.

  2. Keep it short and tight.  No one likes long dissertations.  Feel free to use your hands.  Start with your feet as wide as your hips.  This gives you a psychological “grounding” and is a power-stance that you will feel!

  3. Fact is, whether you are moderating a Zoom panel or standing on a stage you are putting on a SHOW!  No matter the intellectual level of your audience, they want to walk away with the feeling their time has not been wasted.  You DON’T want them checking their phone for messages.

  4. Use real-life examples.  As someone putting on the show, your audience would love to hear stories that buttress your points.  It humanizes your topic.   At the end of the day, what Flourish Ventures strives to do us uplift people.  “People” are what your work is about.  Audiences love to hear people-stories.

  5. You don’t have to brag about what you are doing.  We recently had a Founder/CEO in Latin America tell us that he found it difficult to talk about the good things in his company to others because in Latin culture it’s impolite to brag.  He was thrilled when we suggested that he say,

    We’re so very excited to be a part of this movement.”  Or, “We love to see how what we’re producing is helping business owners to thrive…”  The implicit message here is, “This movement is succeeding and we are a part of it!” 

    FINAL POINT:  YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT HOW EXCITED YOU ARE TO BE A PART OF YOUR TOPIC ENOUGH.  It connects you to it in the mind of the viewer, without making them think you are boasting about how great your company or team is.   This can be applied to Zoom webinars as well.


Jon Duncanson



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